Our directions of work

– refurbishment of central heating and watter supply facilities, as well as of the drainage systems;
– improvement and lighting of communities;
– rational management of solid consumer wastes (SCW).

We stick to the following principles in our activities: utility, efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism and responsibility. State initiative for the industry development enables improvement of the population living standards, by means of effective investment attraction from financial institutions and private investors.

The Mission
The mission of thew Public Union “HSE Development and Innovation Fund” is a all-round support for the establishment of an open investment market in the field of HCS by means of support of state programs for modernization and development of HCS in Ukraine and implementation of special-purpose initiatives of local government bodies.

Strategic Targets of the Fund

– improving living standards for people in cities and communities of Ukraine;
– development of cities and communities infrastructure;
– environmental protection and improvement of the ecological situation;
– optimization of resources consumption;
– introduction of innovations and new technologies in housing and communal services, communities improvement, waste management;
– facilitation of faster implementation of government programs by means of investments attraction on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, reliability and guarantees of investment return under public-private partnerships;
– opening of new markets and opportunities;

Why WE?

The HCS is one of most attractive sectors for investment in Ukraine That is why the team of the HSE Development and Innovation Fund invites private investors and partners to collaborate, our offer includes , but is not limited to:

A high-level professional advisory support in application of normative legal basis and usage of efficient economic means.

A unique experience of successful implementation of investment projects in the housing and community services sector.

Perspective projects ready for investment and their support at all levels of making decisions.

Up-to-date database of potential
investors and partners.

Relevant for
the city

The principles of project selection implementation of which can assisted by “HCS Development and Innovation Fund”:

  • less complex projects;
  • projects, which may be grouped;
  • projects, which may be concentrated;
  • projects, which local government bodies are interested to implement;
  • projects with high return;
  • projects with a high positive impact (social, economic, environmental, climate);
  • well structured projects with clear objectives;
  • projects aimed at: area of HCS, improving of communities infrastructure, rational management of municipal solid waste.

Collaboration with the Fund will allow to present the city for investors as a promising and rapid investment area, which has competitive advantages and feasibility of local HCS development programs implementation.

Relevant for

Providing an investor support under investment projects implementation on the territory of Ukraine the Fund:

  • assists in selection of a local partner;
  • provides information on the relevant projects;
  • supports the development of business plans and project proposals;
  • promotes interaction with state and municipal enterprises in Ukraine;
  • supports obtaining of necessary privileges (customs, tax);
  • assists in obtaining permits required for the implementation of an investment project;
  • coordinates project management at all stages of its implementation on sites;
  • provides advisory support for selection of financial and legal arrangements of investment project implementation;
  • upholds approval of project proposals by local governments.

The City Councils

...More than 100 partners

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