On 15-16 February 2016 the first training seminar on the program “Management of apartment buildings in modern conditions” took place in Kyiv.


The seminar was organized by the Institute of Municipal management with the support of the Fund of development and innovation of housing and communal economy and Association of housing managers.

That began the cycle of specialists training in the sphere of apartment buildings management and ne comers in this field, aimed at the formation of the market of housing management and the creation of a competitive environment.
The seminar was opened by Director of the Institute Natalia Oliynyk, which announced the introduction of a systematic educational campaign in the sphere of housing and communal services. “In the near future will open registration for new workshops, including those for individual cities and regions”, – said Natalia Oleinik.
Salutatory word on a debut two-day training workshop was addressed by Evgenia Dubinska the President of the fund of development and innovation of housing and communal economy, as well as the head of the Association of housing managers Vasyl Liman, which in 2015 has initiated the establishment of the Institute.

Addressing to the participants, Evgenia Dubinska said about today’s importance, as never before, of information campaigns on reforming housing and communal services sector and energy saving as well as quality education and training,  without which all efforts at modernization of the housing will be in vain.

The event was also attended by Grigory Semchuk the Vice-President of Fund , who in his speech noted: “Without the formation of institute of the effective owner in housing, as well as professional managers, to achieve the declared goals of the reform in the housing sector would be a daunting task for the state.”

Speakers of the seminar were highly qualified experts, scientists and practitioners in the sphere of housing and communal services.
Within two days of the workshop 30 participants, including representatives of existing enterprises, as well as beginners in the sphere of management of apartment houses from different regions of Ukraine gained knowledge about the legislative changes in the activity of the market of housing management and shared their practices. The participants received practical skills on successful organization of activity of managers in financial-economic and technical aspects, the implementation of energy efficient measures in apartment buildings.

More information on the website of the Institute of Municipal Management.